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Meet Mark J. Schmerge

Mark Schmerge

Chartered Financial Consultant, Investment Adviser Representative

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“I am fortunate in that I am able to do for a living what many people do for fun. This is a business where if you do it right, it doesn’t cost the client anything. You’ve more than made up your fee through improved...
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Your Financial Adviser Team 

In working with clients, I often find that investment management is just one part of the financial puzzle they are seeking to solve. That is why I have built a network of accountants, tax advisers, financial planners, insurance providers, estate planners and other professional advisers to whom I can refer clients as appropriate. Working together as a team, we can help clients achieve better control of their financial situations. In addition, I maintain a referral list of trusted tradesmen and professionals that you may find of value to consult. View my referral list.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated with academic honors from St. Xavier High School, where I was honored to be inducted into St. Xavier`s Athletes Hall of Fame. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1979 after lettering four years as Tight End for the Wolverines. A resident of Park Hills, Kentucky, I share my life with my wife Vicki and our two great children, Lauren and J.D.  For many years they kept me busy coaching basketball and football, until they headed off to college and their own lives.

In my spare time I enjoy cattle farming at my farm in Vevay, Indiana. I got involved in farming as a result of my father’s purchase of a 237-acre farm in Vevay which he bought in 1971. My father had always wanted a farm and bought it primarily for recreational purposes for his six children to enjoy. I enjoyed it most and in 2001 purchased the 43-acre farm next door which included 10 of the original acres of my father’s farm that he had sold to our tenant farmer in 1982. Although raising cattle has proven to be much more challenging than I had expected, it has also been more enjoyable than I had expected.

During the summer months, I enjoy boating at Lake Cumberland with friends and clients.

"Investment management is an opportunity to truly help people when you do it right. The most rewarding aspect of this business is the trust, respect and gratitude you can earn from a job done well.”

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